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Anil Thapa Magar is a sports enthusiast who has an 18 years legacy of contribution to the soccer community. Currently, Anil is at very respectful position of advising the Australian Nepalese Football Association. Anil has successfully transformed himself to work as a valuable team player and drive towards winning the championship title in Sapphire Team and his soccer team over years. He understands the team value to make the mission possible. He is well credited to make his clients goals, as his goals. Anil has a qualification background of computer science and Information Technology. He is a self –made entrepreneur, who is running a successful corporation – Micro Toner Supplies for past 13 years and counting. Anil started his career in Hospitality sector. Hence, he rightly understands the core value of customer and what they expect from him? Anil has never failed to deliver his promise to his clients and is fantastic at maintaining professional relationships. The plus point of Anil is that he has transferred his skills wisely from football ground to the business that has cemented solid foundation in his life. He demonstrates the true spirit of sportsmanship in every field and has never failed to surprise Sapphire Team. He is a qualified mortgage consultant, who can advise on loan approval. I am sure; Anil will make a great Real Estate Agent of your choice and your mortgage consultant as he is friendly and makes the whole process of expert services seem like easy and fun experience. I highly recommend Anil for your one stop solution provider.