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Anju Acharya


Anju is a high-touch real estate agent known for her quality service to build relationship with clients, and more importantly communicates effectively with involved parties. Anju has record breaking sales and effective combination of South-West charm and North West tenacity. She likes to close deals competently but does so with feminine charm and smile on face.

Anju has recognized the value of clients and strives every day to exceed expectations. Her sales are consistently ranked among-st top agents in Sapphire Team and Nepalese community.

Anju has transferred her family business legacy to Real Estate and dedicated years in helping clients buy, sell and rent property. Anju does few things best - Consult with you, negotiate for you and handle all the required details for you to make your real estate experience rewarding, stress-free and easy. Lastly, Anju will help realise your dream home, be your home!!