Well, can always argue the value of managing the property via professional agency versus privately. Certainly, there is no law to stopping from doing that. However, the question is how much time you can spare it or how much legally you know about your and tenants’ rights.
In saying that like your fingers non all the rental agents (property manager as they like to be called in) are same. Few may be great, some are good and certainly you will find few that misses the mark.
Here, we outline few key points that Sapphire Rental Agents are committed to perform at highest standard, professional and we ensure we provide top notch services to our landlord as well as to our tenants. This is what sets us apart, and our competitive advantages.
Here, are few elements they we perform as part of our operating rhythm, to ensure our landlord and property are always looked after.
 Tenancy Selection/Advertising/Leasing
This is the start of life cycle where we take full responsibility to advertise your property via multiple means. Depending upon the property and niche we advertise online, social media and printed to ensure we reach maximum potential tenant.
After receiving, the application we need to ensure that selection is based on several criteria like income, past tenancy reference, and rent credit check prior to presenting to owner ensuring all screening are done.

Ongoing Relationship Management
This is two way communication between both tenant and landlord. We want to ensure that we meet both the tenant expectation and landlord.
As being landlord’s agent we want to ensure we inform them about the legal implication, and ongoing changes with tenancy law.

Repair and Maintains Services
Our agent need to act quickly and promptly, to ensure the damages are minimal and not ongoing. Also, we keep contact with local trade person, and handy man while ensuring multiple quotes are done prior to assigning a job. As this is the biggest investment, we ensure you are communicated throughout the process.
We cannot stress the importance, of insuring your property for both building and landlord cover. We do provide assistance with the insurance and claims management should the disaster occur.

Periodical Inspection
As like everything in life, we need to ensure regular periodical inspection are carried out so that way we can ensure if problem persists we can act fact. We do regularly inspect property semi-annual and welcome landlords to inspect with your own eyes. 

Periodical Rent Review
We want to ensure your investment is working hard for you. We regularly review rent for you property with similar on the market property. This is we can advise if there is need for rent increase. This is another way, we ensure you are getting the best out of your investment.

Depreciation Schedule/ Property Report
Tax time, or selling the property you may have a need to access this services. We have access to qualified professionals from quality surveyors, accountant and brokers to referral.

Monthly plus Yearly Income/Expense
Those reports and statements are sent you each month. And full consolidated financial statement are sent to you once every year via email
So, this way you rest back and assure that everything is just under your fingertips.
Constant Communication
It is no brainer with any successful business transaction there is a need for constant and meaningful conversation. So, we have taken this by heat and embedded with everything we do.

Are you getting the same level of service, from your rental manger.
If not come and feel the Sapphire way….
We take care so you can relax focus on what you like.

Building a house in Australia is no easy task and you need to be prepared if you want to build the house of your dreams. It doesn’t matter if you are building you house in Rose Bay or Palm Island, the task is always a difficult one. There are a few things you need to take special care of before starting a project of this magnitude.

Open plan living is basically when multiple rooms are incorporated in a single space. Nowadays, open plan living is widely adopted by people since it gives an illusion of more space in your house. These homes usually combine the kitchen, dining and lounge area in one single space. If you have a big family and are looking to buy, or even design an open plan home in Australia, there are both pros and cons you need to consider before making, or buying an open plan home.

Buying your own house is a huge step in life. It could be a quaint little house in the suburbs of Melbourne or a majestic one looking out to the Sydney opera house, either way,it is not surprising to see buyers excited and just diving into house hunting. Before you do look into buying a new house there are a few things that you need to make sure that you don’t do before buying.

A granny flat is basically a self-contained area designed for accommodating one to two people. This is known as an accessory apartment in the building industry. It is called a granny flat as it was a popular way for people to accommodate their elderly relatives. Getting a granny flat can be a great way of boosting up your income.