Landlord insurance

No matter which asset you buy, the first thing that you get done after purchasing an asset is getting it insured. This may include a car, house, valuable jewelry, etc. Now when you buy a house, the next thing you jump to automatically is insurance. 

Common mistake landlords make


It sounds so easy to be a landlord right? You just buy a house or a property, and then rent it out and earn money from it every month. But guess what? Being a landlord isn’t an easy job and it is equally tough as all the other professions and businesses out there. With just a few mistakes, a landlord can end up losing so much money that he can never even imagine. So the wiser thing to do is to learn a bit about renting out properties first and then make any move.

Combustible Cladding

Combustible cladding is currently the talk of the town because it is the reason behind one of the most devastating fires that took over London’s Grenfell tower. People are now quite concerned about the cladding that is being used on the buildings all around the world because these claddings are just a pure risk of playing with fire.

Common Mistake Home buyers make

When buying a house, several factors such as area of backyards and parking space is noted as well as the number of rooms and the authenticity of the material used in windows, doors and house floors. But there are plenty of very common slip-ups first home buyers make and here are some of them, read cautiously and try not to commit these for your own benefit.

Buying a family home

Usually when a family goes on a hunt for the perfect home for its children and themselves, there are couple of factors they have in mind such as a big living room, a nice back yard and a front yard along with a sufficient number of bathrooms.