Rent via property agent

A lot of people who want to rent their houses and properties don’t consider the option of hiring a property manager to manage their rentals because that costs them somewhat around 5 to 10% of their rental income every single week. Now, yes, everyone loves to save some money, but if you hire a property manager and rent your properties via him, then you can reap benefits that will be worthy of your time and money for sure. 

Smart Homes

We’re in the age where smart phones are so common that even most of the residents of the third world country have them. But ever heard the name Smart Home and wondered what that is? We will tell you all about it in the next few lines.

NSW change to property

For those who don’t know, the Residential Tenancies Amendment bill got passed in 2018 by the NSW Parliament. According to this bill, more rights will be given to the tenants and they will be able to live on longer leases than before. Not only this, according to the bill the bonds will now be fairer and smaller for them. 

Things to know about house and land package

For those who don’t know, a house and land package is actually a term used by home developers to describe a package which includes a house and a land on which the house is built. It’s like a full-fledged package that you buy and well, we must say that if you really are looking forward to an easy and “money-saving” way to get a new house, then you should opt for a house and land package.

Preparing for tax return

For those who don’t know, an investment property is the property that is bought with the intention of return on investment. The ROI can be achieved through rental income or through selling that property later in future. Now, if you are about to buy an investment property or if you already bought one then it’s better to learn about the tax consequences that you will be facing. 

Landlord insurance

No matter which asset you buy, the first thing that you get done after purchasing an asset is getting it insured. This may include a car, house, valuable jewelry, etc. Now when you buy a house, the next thing you jump to automatically is insurance.